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The “Book Bomb” Scam: The Fundamental Dishonesty of “Make-Your-Book-an-Amazon-Best-Seller!” Programs

Writer note: I recently read a post in this forum on "book bombs," and just felt compelled to post a counterpoint. I realize this position…

Started by Peter BowermanLatest Reply

Who do I trust?

I have self-published my memoir, "Baghdad ER: Fifteen Minutes" and have sold 1000 or so copies, but now I want to really begin trying to "g…

Started by Todd BakerLatest Reply

"The Book Buy Bomb"

The Book Buy Bomb, or Buy My Book Day, is a relatively new progressive marketing technique that involves encouraging your fan base to conso…

Started by Bradley FloraLatest Reply

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APSS Staff

Tip for writing a short story

A college class was told they had to write a short story in as few words as possible, and the story had to contain the following three thin…

Started by Brian Jud

0 on Sunday

APSS Staff

Will your new book have life after birth?

The book-marketing process does not start when your first books are delivered.  There are many marketing actions you can take before your b…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Apr 15

APSS Staff

What are the Ten Secrets of “Lucky” Marketers?

“Lucky” Marketers … 1. Know that people buy the benefits (to them) of the book’s content get buyers 2. Seek profitable sales to build their…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Apr 6

APSS Staff

Ask questions in a way that will stimulate multiple responses.

 If you say, "Where else can we sell this book?" then the first plausible idea will answer the question. Instead, ask, "In how many other m…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Mar 27

APSS Staff

Have the courage to pick up that phone and call your prospect

To not fight a bull when you are afraid is not courageous. To fight a bull when you are not afraid is not courageous. But to fight a bull w…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Mar 22

APSS Staff

Define your target readers with the Five Ws:

When asked who their target reader is, many authors reply, “I do not know,” or “everybody who likes (their topic).” Either answer will redu…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Mar 7

APSS Staff

Market to people -- not segments

Remember that you are marketing to people. So who is the typical person in each segment who will actually purchase your book? If you can de…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Feb 27

APSS Staff

What does failure do for you?

Failure doesn’t do something to you, it does something for you. It doesn’t take something out of you, it gets something out of you. Learn t…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Feb 15

APSS Staff

Do you just sell books? If so, think again.

Book publishers who define themselves only as purveyors of book are missing out on increased sales, revenue and profits.  Here is an exampl…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Feb 2

APSS Staff

Use all the promotional tools at the right time

There are four general promotional tools you can use at different times – online of offline -- to accomplish your marketing goals. These ar…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Jan 28


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