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The “Book Bomb” Scam: The Fundamental Dishonesty of “Make-Your-Book-an-Amazon-Best-Seller!” Programs

Writer note: I recently read a post in this forum on "book bombs," and just felt compelled to post a counterpoint. I realize this position…

Started by Peter BowermanLatest Reply

Who do I trust?

I have self-published my memoir, "Baghdad ER: Fifteen Minutes" and have sold 1000 or so copies, but now I want to really begin trying to "g…

Started by Todd BakerLatest Reply

"The Book Buy Bomb"

The Book Buy Bomb, or Buy My Book Day, is a relatively new progressive marketing technique that involves encouraging your fan base to conso…

Started by Bradley FloraLatest Reply

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APSS Staff

Do you have 2020 vision?

What will your publishing business be like in the year 2020? Do you have a plan to get there? Improve your 2020 vision with four sights: 1)…

Started by Brian Jud

0 yesterday

APSS Staff

Do you write children’s books?

For more than a decade, growth in children’s books has substantially outpaced the rest of the publishing industry. Why? Because as parents,…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Aug 7

APSS Staff

Do you shy away from taking a risk...

... or do you consider it an adventure? It depends on your definition. The word “risk” has roots in the Italian word rischiare, meaning, “t…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Jul 27

APSS Staff

What is your leadership image?

Some marketing functions are explicit. People can see that your book is larger or smaller than competitors and they can compare prices. But…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Jul 10

APSS Staff

How do you define opportunity?

“Some people think of opportunity the way it’s defined in the dictionary—as a set of circumstances that make something possible—and they ta…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Jun 30

APSS Staff

Break a book-marketing leg

Have you ever heard people say, “break a leg” and wondered where that phrase originated? In the early days of Greek theater a stage was bui…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Jun 7

APSS Staff

New app for serialized fiction

Radish is a new app for serialized fiction, designed for the mobile generation. https://www.radishfiction.com/ “On Radish you can write, sh…

Started by Brian Jud

0 May 24

APSS Staff

How often to repeat a message?

You are probably not advertising on TV, but this by data specialist Scott Parker reminds us of the need for repetition of a message to a ta…

Started by Brian Jud

0 May 16

APSS Staff

Book Endorsement Etiquette

Generally speaking, you should never have to pay for a book endorsement. Also, if you ask for a book blurb and an author gives you one, be…

Started by Brian Jud

0 May 2

APSS Staff

Tip for writing a short story

A college class was told they had to write a short story in as few words as possible, and the story had to contain the following three thin…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Apr 23


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