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The “Book Bomb” Scam: The Fundamental Dishonesty of “Make-Your-Book-an-Amazon-Best-Seller!” Programs

Writer note: I recently read a post in this forum on "book bombs," and just felt compelled to post a counterpoint. I realize this position…

Started by Peter BowermanLatest Reply

Who do I trust?

I have self-published my memoir, "Baghdad ER: Fifteen Minutes" and have sold 1000 or so copies, but now I want to really begin trying to "g…

Started by Todd BakerLatest Reply

"The Book Buy Bomb"

The Book Buy Bomb, or Buy My Book Day, is a relatively new progressive marketing technique that involves encouraging your fan base to conso…

Started by Bradley FloraLatest Reply

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APSS Staff

Lego's lesson for book publishers

Lego’s product line was comprised of 12,000 unique bricks. They could not deliver popular sets because one brick out of 500 was unavailable…

Started by Brian Jud

0 on Thursday

APSS Staff

Plan your toddler’s book launch.

Books are like children. They are brought into this world with great expectations for their futures. Yet, something happens to most over th…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Mar 21

APSS Staff

Make friends with your audience when speaking

“We are players, and we love an audience. Sometimes, if a play is going badly, it is easy to think of the audience as an enemy, but truly t…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Mar 16

APSS Staff

What do these seven words all have in common?

What do these seven words all have in common? 1. Banana 2. Dresser 3. Grammar 4. Potato 5. Revive 6. Uneven 7. Assess   The easy answer is…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Feb 18

APSS Staff

Get on the trend to audiobooks and make more money.

According to the Wall Street Journal (Feb 6, page B2), when Audible (Amazon.com’s audiobook subscription service) “owns the audiobook right…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Feb 6

APSS Staff

Ignore doubters

“A professor at a local college told me, ‘You have nothing to franchise.’ An attorney told me, ‘You’ll need hundreds of thousands of dollar…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Jan 24

APSS Staff

Picture your plans

What's your objective? What are you trying to accomplish? Can you state it in one or two sentences? Can you draw a picture of it? Can you m…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Jan 14

APSS Staff

What puts a lion in your heart?

To not fight a bull when you are afraid is not courageous. To fight a bull when you are not afraid is not courageous. But to fight a bull w…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Jan 2

APSS Staff

Do you have 2020 vision?

What will your publishing business be like in the year 2020? Do you have a plan to get there? Improve your 2020 vision with four sights: 1)…

Started by Brian Jud

1 Dec 26, 2017
Reply by Dawn James

APSS Staff

Another reason to write your plan

Book publicist Antoinette Kuritz will not even consider taking on a client without a marketing plan. She advises publishers to “describe yo…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Dec 12, 2017


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