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BSU-152 Introduction to Book Marketing Discussions (236)

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The “Book Bomb” Scam: The Fundamental Dishonesty of “Make-Your-Book-an-Amazon-Best-Seller!” Programs

Writer note: I recently read a post in this forum on "book bombs," and just felt compelled to post a counterpoint. I realize this position…

Started by Peter BowermanLatest Reply

Who do I trust?

I have self-published my memoir, "Baghdad ER: Fifteen Minutes" and have sold 1000 or so copies, but now I want to really begin trying to "g…

Started by Todd BakerLatest Reply

"The Book Buy Bomb"

The Book Buy Bomb, or Buy My Book Day, is a relatively new progressive marketing technique that involves encouraging your fan base to conso…

Started by Bradley FloraLatest Reply

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APSS Staff

Focus on content

Many book publishers fail because they focus on the wrong thing. They try to sell their books instead of showing how the content can be use…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Dec 11, 2018

APSS Staff

Just give it a try

You can’t hit a homerun (or even a single) unless you step up to the plate. You can’t get on a TV or radio show without contacting the prod…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Dec 4, 2018

APSS Staff

How to show the price of your book

For some consumers, the dollar sign on a menu screams “watch your wallet.” A Cornell University study found that guests at one restaurant,…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Sep 27, 2018

APSS Staff

Podcast-to-book success stories

An article in the Wall Street Journal (July 17, p A11) describes podcast-to-book successes, “a growing industry niche as publishers seize o…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Aug 1, 2018

APSS Staff

Create a “library” for individuals

If you can’t get your book into a bookstore or other retailers, create a “library” with other APSS members and sell it to the stores. Accor…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Jul 18, 2018

APSS Staff

Look to the future...

“A core management lesson that ought to be carved in tablets by now: Building a great business requires not only a relentless focus on doin…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Jul 6, 2018

APSS Staff

Sell the benefits of your content

 Here is an example of promoting a “feature” (a description of the product or service) vs. a “benefit” (what the feature does for the user/…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Jun 24, 2018

APSS Staff

Before asking about "how" you are going to do something, ask "why."

Before asking about "how" you are going to do something, ask "why." Why did you write your book? Why will a prospective reader or buyer pur…

Started by Brian Jud

0 May 16, 2018

APSS Staff

Lego's lesson for book publishers

Lego’s product line was comprised of 12,000 unique bricks. They could not deliver popular sets because one brick out of 500 was unavailable…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Apr 19, 2018

APSS Staff

Plan your toddler’s book launch.

Books are like children. They are brought into this world with great expectations for their futures. Yet, something happens to most over th…

Started by Brian Jud

0 Mar 21, 2018


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