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Special-Sales Tip of the Day, December 17, 2014

Tony Robbins’ Rule #2 on how to give a presentation (Fortune, Nov 17, 2014, p 129): Respect your audience. “It’s not enough just to know your audience. You’ve got to honestly respect them, too. You can’t influence someone you’re judging. So when I sit down and do the slides, I think, ‘Who’s in this audience? What do I respect about them? What do I appreciate about them?’ That gives me a connection with them that I – and they – can feel.”

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“Thanks tons for creating some excellent content.  It was well worth the time invested." 

      Gil Ahrens

They Said It

“All sunshine and no rain makes a dessert”

       Arabian Proverb

Spotlight on an APSS Member Benefit

Get unlimited, 24/7 access to consultants on many services -- from your phone or computer.

1. Medical Care

Do you have a high-deductible medical plan? Want to eliminate out-of-pocket charges for your office visits? CADR+ will provide APSS members with 24-hour access to a US based, trained & board-certified doctor to solve your non-emergency medical situations.

In less than 30 minutes, consult with a US-based, licensed doctor who can diagnose non-emergency medical conditions and prescribe medication. In addition…

  • Get prescriptions, diagnosis & treatment plans
  • Connect anytime by phone, video or app
  • Unlimited use with no per-call charges
  • For you and your family (up to 6 total)
  • No more waiting to see your primary care doctor
  • You do not have to take time off work to sit in a waiting room
  • Forgot your Rx while traveling? Get a renewal prescription anywhere in the US.

2. Legal & Financial Services. Talk with a network attorney or financial consultant for up to 30 minutes free per issue, for an unlimited number of issues.


3. Free WellCard Discount Card. Savings on a wide range of healthcare products and services like prescription drugs, lab tests, vision, dental care and prescriptions.


4. ID Theft & Fraud Resolution. Victims of ID theft or fraud related crimes receive the education, guidance, counseling & legal and financial assistance they need.


5. Aetna RFL Consultants. Speak directly with highly educated, vetted & trained consultants who are ready to listen and help guide you through life’s challenges.


6. Bill Review & Mediation. Do you have unresolved hospital bills totaling over $2,500? Let the CADR+ Patient Advocacy team work directly with the hospital on your behalf to lower your payments.


7. Natural Therapy Professionals. Discounts over 25% on natural therapy services

including chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy and nutrition services.


8. Online Worklife Resources. In-depth resources and guides for daily issues from adoption to college planning, elder care, disaster relief, emergency care and more.


All These Services, One Low Monthly price! Unlimited, 24/7 access for you and your family, starting at $14.95/mo (APSS members save $5 per month off the regular $19.95 charge)


For more information or to enroll visit http://www.getcadrplus.com/102618

Spotlight on an APSS Member Resource

Bowker® Identifier Services provides you with the resources to make your titles more discoverable, whether you are a new self-published writer or an established author. Visit www.myidentifiers.com or contact Laura.Dawson@bowker.com


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