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Book Selling University is a series of self-paced courses to help you produce better books and sell more of them

  • Take courses on your schedule
  • Expert instructors
  • Make more money
  • Find the best distribution partners
  • Make your publicity more effective
  • Pinpoint social media
  • Improve your sales online
  • View each course up to five times

Book Selling University is sponsored by APSS, BookLife (Publishers Weekly) Bowker and Ingram Spark

APSS members get a discount on every course. For the coupon code contact  Kim Tuttle at Kim@bookapss.org


Today's featured course:

BSU-141: Sell More Books on TV and Radio Shows, By Brian Jud


Chapter Spotlight

In 2018 the local APSS-New Mexico Chapter announced its key purpose and focus will be to facilitate steps toward special sales for authors and publishers in a community development process designed to result in successful special-sales plans for all who attend our monthly meetings. Its November meeting was devoted to introducing chapter members to Book Selling University (see the left column here for more information).

Special-Sales Tip of the Day – November 15, 2018

Use a creative process to build your 2019 marketing plan. Ask yourself, and answer, questions stimulating innovative ideas. How many titles will I publish? At what price will they be sold? How will they be distributed in traditional and nontraditional markets? How can I use publicity, advertising, sales promotion and personal selling techniques to promote them? What will all this cost and how much can I expect to make at the end of the year? How will all that position my business for future growth? Your answers create your plan.

Quick Pick of the Week

Need a library wholesaler? Brodart Books (http://www.brodartbooks.com/) supplies English language titles, Spanish language books, plus audio and video products to public and school libraries. Brodart offers state-of-the-art online tools, bibliographic services and consulting exclusively to libraries. 500 Arch Street, Williamsport, PA 17705; phone (800) 474-9816


Spotlight on a Resource for APSS Members

As an author you realize that the primary responsibility for marketing your book falls on you.
So if you're spending your time doing $10 tasks like packing books and running to the post
office that means you aren't spending that time doing marketing. That's where Ship Your Books
comes in. You store your books in our centrally located facility and when you get a new order for your book we automatically receive that order notice. We pack your orders and ship them out that same day. The process is entirely hands-off for you! For more information please visit ShipYourBooks.com or phone (812) 877-7100


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“Whether you’re an author or publisher or both, APSS can help you move forward with more information than you ever imagined.”

              Kathy Brodsky

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“Today I’d like to sit and read, forget I have a job I need. Ignore the things I have to do, and just enjoy a book or two.”

       Anne Brooke


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