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Your book as the perfect Holiday gift! The APSS Bookstore was created to make it easy for you to buy other APSS members’ books – and for them to buy yours -- as a Holiday gift. See it at To place your book in the APSS bookstore contact 

Current spotlight on the Second Edition (June 2021) of the Complete Guide to the Book Publishers' World of Special Sales (Kindle and softcover). The worldwide book market generates almost $90 billion annually, and more than half of those sales are made in non-bookstore outlets such as discount stores, airport shops, gift stores, supermarkets, and warehouse clubs. How to Make Real Money Selling Books provides a proven strategy for selling books to these enterprises. You will learn about developing a product strategy, conducting test marketing, contacting prospective buyers, promoting your product, selling to niche markets, and much, much more.  

Special Sales Tip of the Day: December 5, 2021

Don’t fear failure. “Failure means you are taking chances and pushing the envelope as far as it goes. It is a sign that you are striving high enough to ultimately build greatness,” Fortune magazine 

Quick Pick of the Week

Book Clearing House Distribution and Fulfillment. BCH has been in business over 15 years providing order fulfillment for Small Presses. We represent over 800 Small Presses, distributing over 4,000 titles. These books, videos and audios are often not in bookstores or the Internet. The subject matter covers a broad range of fiction and non-fiction (click on Book Categories.) Browsing our Book Categories and Titles will suggest other books in your area of interest. BCH caters to titles tending to be underrepresented in most bookstores and data bases. More information at Contact for submission information (and APSS discount)

Spotlight on a Resource for APSS Members

Color House Graphics exists to help publishers and authors create and deliver great books. We can help you produce a compelling product. We place a high value on quality, simple processes and hands-on personal service. After 27 years of service, we continue to use the technology that exists today for you to get your content published in print or digital form so you can distribute it with ease. We invite you to explore our website and discover how our dedicated people can consistently provide you with superior service and quality from your first contact to delivery of your books.  We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our abilities to you with your next project. Contact:

You Said It

“This is an eye-opening program for all entrepreneurial authors and artisinal publishers. (APSS) teaches you that you need to think outside the book covers, work smarter, discover buyers in markets you may not even know exist, and learn how to act on specific contacts. For a boost in creativity and book sales, Brian Jud is your guy.”

          Barb Best

They Said It

Never stop learning how to learn.”

    Billie Jean King


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