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Book Selling University

Online, On-Demand Courses that Help You Sell More Books

Book Selling University is a series of self-paced courses to help you produce better books and sell more of them

  • Take courses on your schedule
  • Expert instructors
  • Make more money
  • Find the best distribution partners
  • Make your publicity more effective
  • Pinpoint social media
  • Improve your sales online
  • View each course up to five times

Book Selling University is sponsored by APSS, BookLife (Publishers Weekly) Bowker and Ingram Spark

APSS members get a discount on every course. For the coupon code contact  Kim Tuttle at Kim@bookapss.org


Today's featured course:

BSU-130: How to Create Your Personal Brand, by Carol McManus


Chapter Spotlight

Our newest chapter, APSS-Los Angeles, is having its kick-off meeting on September 8. It will be held in the Great Room Café, 2810 Artesia Blvd in Redondo Beach, CA, starting at 9:00 am. Meet other authors and publishers interested in learning how to sell their books in large, non-returnable quantities, and network with like-minded people. For more information contact APSS-LA President Tonya McKenzie at tmckenzie@sandandshores.com

Book Marketing Tip of the Day - August 25, 2019

Do you have to be an extrovert to succeed as an entrepreneur? Not so, according to the article, “The Case for the Introverted Entrepreneur” which says introverts bring unique skills to the table and, “As entrepreneurs, introverts succeed because they create and lead companies from a very focused place.” (Wall Street Journal, August 24, page R1)

Quick Pick of the Week

Catalogs pride themselves on a “high fill rate.” This means they fill and ship orders quickly. Maintaining this reputation requires a sense of partnership with their suppliers (publishers). You have to meet your deadlines with a quality product. On the other hand, they purchase books for inventory, not to orders, so you can ship in fewer, larger quantities. They rarely require an exclusive and most pay in 30 days. Sales are generally non-returnable and the catalog company usually pays for shipping. Find The National Directory of Catalogs at http://www.nmoa.org/catalog/mailorderdir.htm

Spotlight on a Resource for APSS Members

 We help authors, indie publishers, speakers, and fast-track experts build credibility, increase awareness, and open doors of opportunity from start to finish with strategic brand design, bestselling book design, seamless project management, and dedicated production supervision — supplemented with a wide array of the powerful marketing tools to dramatically increase sales and achieve robust business success. Since 1985. Contact: info@dunn-design.com

You Said It

“Quite often conferences provide a great service by fueling attendee interaction resulting in personal and professional growth and development outside the formal programming. The APSS conference delivered good content and accomplished bringing people together to build relationships that will last them for years to come. I know it has for me!”

      Larry DeKay

They Said It

“The phone will be driving future ebook sales and changing book marketing. The trend is impacting cover design and fonts. Publishers are customizing marketing material to be read on phones, too.”

        ‘Here Come the Ring Tomes’ in the Wall Street Journal


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