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Today's featured course:

Selling to Non-Bookstore Retailers, by Brian Jud


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Chapter Spotlight

APSS-Connecticut teamed up with the CT Authors and Publishers Association for a combined Holiday Party. It was an excellent opportunity to visit with fellow writers, network, enjoy great food and get into the holiday spirit. Assorted sandwiches and soft drinks were provided for attendees' dining pleasure. Others brought something to share with their fellow writers. 

Special-Sales Tip of the Day – December 16, 2018

“It may take longer than two days for a chick to break out of its shell,” according to The Book of Useless Information, by Noel Botham. Some humans never accomplish that feat, but it could help your book sales if you do. Need some help? Here are ten networking tips for introverts.   

  1. 1. Attend events at which you are familiar with people (office, school, associations), then gradually move to less familiar surroundings
  2. Send a congratulatory e-mail and cards for birthdays, etc.
  3. Bring a friend and work as a team
  4. Good schmoozing is not about you or your book. It’s about the other person. Start small talk with open-ended questions that get people talking about themselves. Don’t start with, “Here is what I did today,” but, "Tell me about..." or “What was the highlight of your day?”
  5. Ask more questions than making statements
  6. Prepare an action plan before the event
  7. Be yourself and find a natural style that works for you
  8. Find someone alone (But don’t dominate one person)
  9. Hang out near the food line – you will meet everyone eventually
  10. Make the plunge and do it

Quick Pick of the Week

Healthy eating is a growing segment, and books on that topic can be sold through major chains such as The Fresh Market or Whole Foods. However, buyers at these stores do not purchase directly from publishers, but through Nutri-Books (http://nutribooks.com), a wholesaler to natural-products stores. For retailer discounts and contact information go to http://www.nutribooks.com/datafiles/retailerinfo.pdf


Here are some facts that are important to consider before contacting a book buyer. Nutri-Books seeks books with general information on healthy living, not mainstream medical books. According to a Nutri-Books buyer, “too many authors spoil their objective message with subjective, personal information that we do not want. Tell them to stick to the facts and keep their books on a professional level.” In general, softcover books are preferred and fiction does not sell in natural-products stores.


An important selling point to a chain such as Whole Foods (indeed, any retailer) is to convince them that your book can be a profit center because it will bring customers into their stores. The Nutri-Books buyer said, “We have to communicate to our customers that this book will do something for them. We have to prove that it will bring customers in and back to them. If we think a book will do that, we will take it on. Publishers need to consider this when submitting books to me. Tell me how your books will help my customers.”

Spotlight on a Resource for APSS Members

Branding and Website Design

21Thirteen Design, Inc. is a visual branding, marketing and web design agency with clients ranging from the LED Division of GE Lighting to home-based business owners. Our clients include best-selling authors, manufacturing companies, artists, law firms, corporations, ergonomic office furniture dealers, Life Coaches, Biotech companies, makeup, skin care, electronics and jewelry retailers, service industry companies, dental offices, documentary producers and photographers.


The company was founded by Lead Designer Perry Yeldham in 2006 and is captained by his partner, CEO Adam Giandomenico, with offices in NYC and Boston. For more information contact Perry at perry@21thirteen.com


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You Said It

“I’m glad I attended the APSS conference. I learned enough new things, got enough new ideas and connected with enough great people to easily justify the time and cost of attendance. I’m eager to put all this new knowledge and my new connections to work.”  

          Gail Woodard

They Said It

“You miss 100 % of the shots you never take,” said Wayne Gretsky. APSS can help you take better sales shots.


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