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APSS can find your potential buyers in bookstores, libraries, businesses, media, associations, movie producers and more. Then create and send an email with your customized message to these targeted, interested prospects. Special discount for APSS members.

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Upcoming APSS Webinars

July 9: "The Art of Crowdfunding for Books,” By Amanda Barbara 6:00 pm ET; Register at:  http://tinyurl.com/nc6adbj

July 23: "Selling More Books On the Air and in Personal Presentations," By Jackie Lapin 6:00 pm ET; Register at  http://tinyurl.com/q94q9kx


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Executive Director's Blog

Introducing The New APSS-Santa Fe Chapter

Mary Neighbour is the President of the newest APSS chapter in Santa Fe, NM. Mary and her husband Andrew own and operate MediaNeighbours, a successful publishing services company. Chiefly working with New Mexico authors, artists, and nonprofits, MediaNeighbours provides writing and editing, design and production, and marketing and promotional assistance to all who want to create books. Knowledgeable in both print and digital prepress processes, they specialize in…

Special-Sales Tip of the Day: July 2, 2015

Special-sales marketing does not replace bookstore marketing. It serves a different function. How can you combine the two approaches to selling your books to achieve your desired results? The decision becomes one of resource allocation.

You Said It

“The APSS-CT events have given me a lot of experience meeting customers and talking about my books. I’ve been able to practice, see what catches people’s attention, and refine my answers – something that can only be done in these
valuable live settings.” 

         Janet Cesanek, Member, APSS-CT

They Said It

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that.”

         Howard Thurman, author

Spotlight on an APSS Member Benefit (You need your APSS membership number to register)

Bookstore Distribution

Partners Publishers Group (PPG) will reduce its standard discount of 65% from retail to 62% for a period of 1 year from the date an APSS member signs a distribution agreement with PPG. At the end of the first year, both parties will have the mutual option to continue under PPG’s standard terms.


PPG has been in the book distribution business since 1997. It provides broad distribution into the wholesale and retail trade with Ingram, Baker & Taylor, American West Books, independent bookstores and chains such as Barnes & Noble, bn.com and amazon.com Our warehouse is located in Holt, MI and you can find our website at: www.partnerspublishersgroup.com


PPG will distribute single title publishers but reserves the right to reject publishers whose production standards, formats and genre categories are not an effective fit.

Spotlight on a Resource for APSS Members

Professional Publishing With Complete National Distribution to Bookstores and More

Have your manuscript published in any format with marketing support, national bookstore, library, and non-bookstore retail distribution from one source.

Book Publishing
KB Publishing will work with you to produce your manuscript in the most readable, professional and usable format. This could be a printed book and/or an ebook (for Kindle, Kobo, Apple/itunes, iPad and Nook). Packages include cover design, page layout, ISBN, barcode, copyediting and an initial supply of books.

Retail Book Distribution
Your book will be distributed through a major national distributor. They will sell and distribute your book to retail, wholesale, internet and specialty customers. This includes all trade bookstores, book departments in department stores, other retail outlets, college bookstores, museum stores, Christian market stores and on-line retailers.

Publishing Support
KB Publishing provides you with a quality product, innovative solutions and cost-effective services. You will be assigned to an Author Relationship Manager who will assist you throughout the publication process, answer your questions, and keep your project moving forward smoothly and on time.

KB Publishing Packages (includes everything above) – APSS members receive a $500 discount off all package prices. Please note that manuscripts will be evaluated and not all will be accepted.

Contact Karen Strauss at kbstrauss@straussconsultants.com for details and pricing


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