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Book Selling University is a series of self-paced courses to help you produce better books and sell more of them

  • Take courses on your schedule
  • Expert instructors
  • Make more money
  • Find the best distribution partners
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  • Pinpoint social media
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Book Selling University is sponsored by APSS, BookLife (Publishers Weekly) Bowker and Ingram Spark

APSS members get a discount on every course. For the coupon code contact  Kim Tuttle at Kim@bookapss.org


Today's featured course:

BSU-126 How to promote your book without using social media, by Sandra Beckwith


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Chapter Spotlight

The combined APSS-Santa Clarita and APSS-LA Book Selling University was held recently at the Marriott Courtyard in Sherman Oaks, CA. Forest fires around LA closed some roads, but those who made it learned a new formula for special-sales success, book-cover strategy and also discovered how to overcome personal insecurities. It was an informative and productive meeting sponsored by TLC Graphics.

Special Sales Tip of the Day: November 16, 2019

When brainstorming, ask questions in a way that will stimulate multiple responses. If you say, "Where else can we sell this book?" then the first plausible idea will answer the question. Instead, ask, "In how many other markets can we sell this book?" This will generate other possible solutions such as corporations, government agencies, associations, non-bookstore retailers, book clubs or academic markets.

Quick Pick of the Week

Did you ever want to meet someone halfway between your two locations? Meeting halfway has never been easier. Go to https://www.meetways.com/ and enter two addresses, the type of place you want to meet, and this site help you figure out exactly where to go.

Spotlight on a Resource for APSS Members

Branding and Website Design

21Thirteen Design, Inc. is a visual branding, marketing and web design agency with clients ranging from the LED Division of GE Lighting to home-based business owners. Our clients include best-selling authors, manufacturing companies, artists, law firms, corporations, ergonomic office furniture dealers, Life Coaches, Biotech companies, makeup, skin care, electronics and jewelry retailers, service industry companies, dental offices, documentary producers and photographers.


The company was founded by Lead Designer Perry Yeldham in 2006 and is captained by his partner, CEO Adam Giandomenico, with offices in NYC and Boston. For more information contact Perry at perry@21thirteen.com

You Said It

"Thank you so much for the very informative mentoring session yesterday. Self-publishing is a highly complex, not to mention risky, undertaking.  It’s so nice to have an organization like APSS and knowledgeable professionals like yourself to draw on for advice."

          Judi Schindler

They Said It

"You don't become great by trying to be great. You become great by wanting to do something and then doing it so hard that you become great in the process."

            Randall Munroe 


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