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Book Selling University is a series of self-paced courses to help you produce better books and sell more of them

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  • Make more money
  • Find the best distribution partners
  • Make your publicity more effective
  • Pinpoint social media
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Book Selling University is sponsored by APSS, BookLife (Publishers Weekly) Bowker and Ingram Spark

APSS members get a discount on every course. For the coupon code contact  Kim Tuttle at Kim@bookapss.org


Today's Highlighted Course  

BSU 122: Marketing and Leveraging Your Audiobook, by Becky Parker Geist


Chapter Spotlight

Each year, APSS-CT conducts a summer picnic for the members of its chapter. This year, it was held at APSS-member Chuck Miceli's lake-house home in conjunction with the CT Authors and Publishers Association (CAPA). Chuck had to make several trips with his boat to accommodate everyone who wanted a ride around the lake. 

APSS has chapters in many major cities in the US and Canada. To find one near you-- or to start one in your city -- contact BrianJud@bookapss.org

Special-Sales Tip of the Day – August 21, 2018

“Years ago I shared the stage with my hero Zig Ziglar. Before we went on (there were 20,000 people in the crowd and I was in way over my head), I asked, ‘How do you work with people who aren’t connected? How do you get through to those who don’t really want to be there?’ What he said changed the way I do everything: ’Instead of distracting yourself by focusing on folks who are unwilling and unhappy, give your energy to people who came to hear what you have to say.’ What I learned: Shun nonbelievers. Ignore critics. Do your best for people who want to dance with you.”  Seth Godin

Quick Pick of the Week

Explore http://www.usnpl.com/, a free directory of TV stations, radio stations and newspapers worldwide with links to them.

Spotlight on a Resource for APSS Members

1106 Design is an award-winning team offering book cover design and interior layout, manuscript editing, proofreading, front and back cover text, and more, with advice and hand-holding every step of the way. Our dedicated experts will make sure your book is as polished and professional as the titles released by major publishers, and our convenient project management will save you from the hassle (and risk) of choosing and managing multiple providers on your own. Contact Michele DeFilippo for a free, 30-minute, no-obligation consultation at 602-866-3226, md@1106design.com; http://www.1106design.com; 610 East Bell Rd., #2-139 • Phoenix, AZ 85022-2383


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You Said It

“The Book Selling University was wonderful! I learned a lot of creative ways to sell more books, and it opened my mind to think outside the box. I recommend it highly to authors or anyone in the publishing business.”


            Kathleen Hood

They Said It

Talk about your book in terms with which target readers easily identify. “People gravitate to products that are bold (but not too bold) yet instantly comprehensible.”

            Derek Thompson  (Hit Makers)   


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