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Book Selling University

Last year APSS had one Book Selling University in Philadelphia. Many members asked to have it closer to them.

Therefore, we are having multiple Universities at APSS Chapter locations around the US and Canada.

See the tab "Local Chapters" above for one near you.

Membership Special

Proven program to find and contact potential buyers for you -- automatically

APSS can find your potential buyers in bookstores, libraries, businesses, media, associations, movie producers and more. Then create and send an email with your customized message to these targeted, interested prospects. Special discount for APSS members.

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Upcoming APSS Webinars

Dec  9, Worldbuilding for Writers, by Sandra Stewart; 7:00pm ET; Register at http://tinyurl.com/q3zhnmc

Dec 16: "From Idea to Plan to Published," by  Nina Amir; 6:00 pm ET; Register at http://tinyurl.com/pcazysr


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Executive Director's Blog

Introducing the Chicago Chapter of APSS

We are growing again with the introduction of the latest APSS chapter – in Chicago. Kim Bookless has agreed to be its leader. Kim is a publishing consultant and editor. She helps authors bring their books to life by guiding them through the self-publishing…

Special-Sales Tip of the Weekend: November 28-29, 2015

A Lesson From Jeff Bezos: Opportunity Before Product. Many publishers first create a book and then look for ways and places to sell it. Instead, research the conditions that are best for growth and then define the product. Jeff Bezos provides an example as he evaluated the opportunities for creating an Internet business. He believed that E-commerce was the natural solution for a fragmented market with an enormous number of SKUs, a small shippable product and a stable supply chain characterized by many sellers served by a few, dominant middlemen. He was not an experienced publisher but opted for books as the product for Amazon.com because they were the rational choice under those conditions.

You Said It

“The Book Selling University was wonderful! I learned a lot of creative ways to sell more books, and it opened my mind to think outside the box. I recommend it highly to authors or anyone in the publishing business.”  - Kathleen Hood


They Said It

“Any successful entrepreneur knows that time is more valuable than money itself.”  

- Richard Branson

Spotlight on an APSS Member Benefit (You need your APSS membership number to register)

Foreign Rights

Columbine Communications and Publications is a foreign rights publishing consultancy.  We focus on non-fiction titles in the genres of business, personal development, psychology/self-help, parenting, health, education and others.  Our role is to bridge the gap between our client base of North American publishers and authors to foreign publishers and agents with similar interests on a worldwide basis.  We accomplish this by offering our clients a variety of “programs” in which they can participate in order to gain wide exposure of their titles for foreign rights licensing possibilities.  The programs that we offer to our clients are:


1.  “Our Major Annual Catalog”.  It is emailed to our complete list of thousands of foreign publishers and agents worldwide.  In addition to our regular foreign customers, it is also sent to a prospecting list of thousands of others.  Plus it is posted on our web site for a full year where it is continually referred to by even more foreign agents and publishers drawing exceptional interest.


2.  "Featured Title" Program, in which your book is featured in our uniquely special e-catalog and is posted on our web site for several months.  Includes your book's cover and a full, detailed description.  Plus, the e-catalog of Featured Titles is emailed to our extensive list of foreign publishers and agents worldwide.  Our site receives thousands of hits from foreign publishers and agents searching for unique titles.


3.  Focused Inquiry Follow-Up.  Many authors and publishers are unfamiliar with how foreign rights works.  Often they are contacted by a foreign publisher or agent interested in their books, but don't really understand how to follow up or what to do.  We can provide this service for you, or coach you to handle it yourself.


4.  "Special Outreach Program". Focused exclusively on your book only, to foreign publishers and agents, informing them of your book and encouraging them to take a look and consider acquiring rights for it.


Let Bob Erdmann know which program(s) interest you and he will provide details or design a program to fit your unique needs. 

Bob Erdmann, Columbine Communications & Publications

1116 Oakmont Dr., Suite 6, Walnut Creek, California, 94595      925/274-1348, bob@boberdmann.com, www.columbinecommunications.com

See how much money you can save by having CBE exhibit at major shows by visiting http://tinyurl.com/b8tk5t5 Register with your APSS membership number (insert it at APSS ORDER NUMBER). 

Spotlight on a Resource for APSS Members

For print or eBooks, Bookmasters can help you with every step of the publishing process — from initial documentation, developmental editing, and text and cover design to book printing, warehousing, fulfillment, marketing, and distribution. Visit our website or call us to speak one-on-one with an Account Executive that can walk you through your options today! Call 800-537-6727 or go to www.bookmasters.com.


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