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Book Selling University

Last year APSS had one Book Selling University in Philadelphia. Many members asked to have it closer to them.

Therefore, we are having multiple Universities at APSS Chapter locations around the US and Canada.

See the tab "Local Chapters" above for one near you.

Membership Special

New program to find and contact potential buyers for you -- automatically

APSS can find your potential buyers in bookstores, libraries, businesses, media, associations, movie producers and more. Then create and send an email with your customized message to these targeted, interested prospects. Special discount for APSS members.

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Upcoming APSS Webinars

Oct 8: “How to Craft a Persuasive Book Proposal for Any Genre or Topic,” By Patricia Fry; 6:00 pm ET; http://tinyurl.com/ov6bv2w 


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Discounts from Foreword Reviews for APSS Members

APSS has reached an agreement with Foreword Reviews magazine to provide APSS members with discounts on their products and services. Here is a description of them and all the money you can save by utilizing them. All codes and links will be given to paid APSS members. …

Special-Sales Tip of the Day: October 4, 2015

Learn from your less-than-successful ventures (otherwise known as failures). There is really no such thing as failure – you simply you create a result. For example, during one campaign to get on TV and radio shows I sent out 500 letters. I was ignored by 490 and rejected by the others. I didn’t fail 500 times - I learned a different way to succeed. I sent a “thank-you” note to the rejections, thanking them for having the courtesy to respond. One actually turned into an on-air appearance. Then I created a business-reply card and re-sent that to the other 490 and got a 33% response – and many media appearances.


You Said It

“I received very much value from my attendance at the Book Selling University!  The piece of information that impressed me the most was that I should not concentrate on selling my book, rather the information in my book.  That gives me a whole new perspective.” - Eleanor Jones

They Said It

"Rock bottom became the solid foundation upon which I rebuilt my life."

 -  J. K. Rowling

Spotlight on an APSS Member Benefit (You need your APSS membership number to register)

Get your book cover or marketing message on promotional items such as coffee mugs, pens, pads, bookmarks, key chains, shirts, umbrellas or any of hundreds of other promotional products. Get free consulting and see more examples at www.bookapss.org/PromoItems.pdf  

Find out how APSS can help you use promotional items to: 

     · Lure new customers

     · Remind procrastinators to buy

     · Encourage repeat purchases

     · Create brand awareness

     · Boost sales

     · Create customer loyalty

     · Attract more people to your trade-show exhibit

     · Spread word-of-mouth advertising

     · Have a fun giveaway for book signings and other events

Contact Guy Achtzehn at The Promotional Bookstore, guy@msgpromo.com or (717) 846-3865. Provide your APSS membership number for a 10% discount on promotional items

Spotlight on a Resource for APSS Members

Like creating any piece of art, writing a book is one of the most creative, frustrating, fascinating, crazy endeavors a person can undertake. Taking that kernel of an idea and turning it into an entire world of characters is a hell of an amazing ride, but sometimes there comes a point when you are just too close to it and can’t see the trees for the forest anymore. It’s perfectly normal, and there’s not a writer on the planet whose inner-critic hasn’t reared its ugly head and made the author question every single thing in their manuscript.

That’s where a developmental editor comes in. Leesa Freeman will help you identify the best parts of your manuscript, as well as those parts that could use a little work – don’t worry, we all have them. Contact Leesa at leesa@leesafreeman.com or visit her website at http://www.leesafreeman.com/editing/ for more information.

*At this time Leesa does not edit non-fiction.*


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