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Nashville, NC

The Nashville, NC Chapter

of the

Association of Publishers

for Special Sales

President: Paula Stiles (

Possessing a quixotic fondness for difficult careers, Paula R. Stiles has driven ambulances, taught fish farming for the Peace Corps in West Africa and earned a Scottish PhD in medieval history, studying Templars and non-Christians in Spain. She is the author of horror novel, The Mighty Quinn, co-written supernatural mystery novels, Fraterfamilias and the upcoming Confraternitas, and non-fiction medieval history book, Templar Convivencia: Templars and Their Associates in 12th and 13th Century Iberia, as well as over forty short stories and hundreds of articles. She is Editor in Chief of the Lovecraft/Mythos 'zine/micropress Innsmouth Free Press. You can find her at:"

Contact Paula to help organize the Nashville, NC chapter of APSS

To join the Nashville-NC Chapter of APSS go to:

Come Meet the Leader of Nashville-NC APSS Chapter at her upcoming book signings at the Bel Air Artisans Center on Church Street in Rocky Mount, NC from noon to 3pm on October 10, November 14, and December 5.

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