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The Nigerian Chapter

of the

Association of Publishers for Special Sales

President: Awele ilusanmi (

Awele ilusanmi is a Nigerian Author, motivational speaker, talent promoter and marketer. She presently resides in Lagos, Nigeria. She is the bestselling Author of the Talent Success Series.

She is also the host of the launching program “Launch Paddy” that helps people to launch out their talents successfully, getting financial assistance and teaches Talent Success Secrets.

She is very passionate about teaching and inspiring people to succeed with their talents and make positive impact in their society.

Her first self-published book Comforting Arms published in 2004 and it is still impacting lives, giving out encouragement to as many people that need it.

Launch Money, her second book, was published in May 2015. People have been talking about how ideas in the book have helped them to successfully launch out their talents, make money and see the importance of what true talent appreciation is. It is a must read.


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