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Colorado Springs

Welcome to

The Colorado Springs 

Chapter of APSS

President: Mary Madjeski


After many years of life experiences, I found myself being interested in writing. The adventure really began when my friend gave me a flyer from the library, reflecting workshops for aspiring authors. When I went to my first workshop, I was introduced to more workshops. Then, I was able to meet some authors, agents, and publishers that shared their expertise on their current career. Being educated, by learning some useful information, enabled me to hone in on my gift for writing.

Through the years, what I have discovered is that I enjoy myself when I can help others tell their stories, which in turn, may inspire the reader(s) to do something fruitful in their life, like helping some others in achieving their goals, and it becomes a cycle. Hence, the reason I’ve joined APSS in helping get the Colorado Springs Chapter re-established and running again, is so it can help aspiring authors’ dreams, come into fruition.

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