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The New Mexico Chapter of the

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 President:  Mary Neighbour 

Mary and her husband Andrew own and operate MediaNeighbours, a successful publishing services company. Chiefly working with New Mexico authors, artists, and nonprofits, MediaNeighbours provides writing and editing, design and production, and marketing and promotional assistance to all who want to create books. Knowledgeable in both print and digital prepress processes, they specialize in memoirs, self-help, art books, and other books with distinct niche marketing potential. 

Mary and Andrew care about their clients’ stories, and the books produced from these stories have garnered National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA), the Eric Hoffer Award, the Montaigne Medal, the Global EBook Awards, and the 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading Awards. 

An award-winning writer herself, Mary is passionate about how words are used. As a veteran book editor with more than twenty-five years of experience, Mary knows industry standards and ensures that manuscripts are professional in every aspect. With calm, insightful, supportive guidance, she lends wings to an author’s prose and concepts. And her training in layout and design stretches back to the days when Adobe InDesign was PageMaker.

Continuously producing her own creative works, Mary’s short fiction has won awards, including the 2009 William Van Wert Short Fiction Award for her story, “Gray.” In 2006 the Toby Press published her first book, Speak Right On – Dred Scott, a neo-slave narrative. In 2007 she gave a presentation to the Library of Congress on the 150th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in the Dred Scott case. The webcast of this talk is available online.

Vice President:  Karen Bomm 

As a lifestyle entrepreneur, Karen Bomm realized her passion before profit philosophy was more in alignment to Main Street than Wall Street. If you find you are a heart-based professional, you will enjoy how Karen will help you learn to trust your authentic voice and understand new ways to express your passion by creating WIN-WIN outcomes for all through the use of social networking.
Karen is an International Best Selling Author and the CEO / Founder of aBeansTalkSocial.com. She has found a new respect for business owners and authors having grown through, or some say survived, several simple collaborative projects that could have turned disastrous.
Karen took these situations over the finish line with massive success due to her “glass-half-full" positive attitude and more. She will share with you her big picture perspectives that focus on keeping the community together which, when understood, is the key to success with social networking.
Locally Karen has been an Ambassador, a volunteer, for the Santa Fe (NM) Chamber of Commerce.  She has offered workshops for members and has taught at the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for thousands of small business owners.
Last September, Karen helped build the Santa Fe Professional Business Women Organization’s Social Community by educating members in the simple ways to bond, support, share, and grow together online. She helps those who may have confused perspectives get to the bottom line of what really matters using 21st-century social networks. Karen delivers a new view of how you can get the technology out of your way so you can begin feeling connected, trust to share your voice, have fun, stay on purpose, and build your like-minded community that everyone can support.


Contact Mary to help organize APSS-Santa Fe:                     (mary@medianeighbours.com) or Phone:  (505)474-6309

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