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I'm REda , From Egypt , I have a series of Art books which includes the life stories of all the artists in the Middle East , these books includes all the artists's lifelong from the birth till the death, passing through all stages of life .
these books wrote In Arabic Language , I hope to translate it in English And french , I know that my English is not perfect , and for sure I wont translate these books by myself ^_^
I have an excellent staff will be doing this job.But I needed to finance these books ,What is the next step that I have to do so I can publish my books ??
I'm looking forward to the response


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I would love to know what have you done so far! 

I've wrote 15 book to now , and compiled a working group , who work in assemble , translation and writing ..
But we are waiting for the finance to get started

This is great. Seems like you have done a lot of work. Have you ever thought about trying to sell them as a kindle on Amazon to earn money to help fund the printed copies?

Sell them as what ??

Sell them as electronic books on Amazon.

It doesn't cost you a thing!


what about the property rights ???
Is there any bad effects ???
and can i publish it in Arabic language or i should translate it first to English ??

Try PubSlush.com, a crowd-funding site dedicated to book publishing.

Most crowd-funding sites ask you to set a goal amount. On some sites, you get nothing unless you reach the goal. PubSlush is different. They allow you to keep whatever money you raise (less their commission, of course), so even if you don't raise all the money you intended,  you'll be able to defray a portion of your expenses.

Michele DeFilippo, owner

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thank you , but do you know the how much I should pay to publish a book with high quality ??

You'll need to start with a translator. Once you have a final, edited manuscript in hand,  the remaining costs will depend on:

  1. the length of the text
  2. the number of images in the book
  3. the number of books you want to print

I assume this book will be in full color. To get a decent unit price, you'll need to print several thousand books, so you're looking at a sizable investment. Creating a book is straightforward. Selling a book is hard.

I visited Pubslush , but I cannot know how do they work ?! and is this a quick process or will take a long time ??
And if I found a sponsor to these books , who is the best to deal with , I mean the editing , the design of the cover , print quality , Publishing and Distribution and so on ..
What about Dlite.com ???
Thank you so much..

It would be best to contact the folks at PubSlush.com with your questions about their program.

Once you have raised the funds and the manuscript has been translated, many people can help with the services you need to prepare your book for printing. You can then supply Amazon and other online retailers with copies of your book.

There are a host of considerations to discuss. One thing I can say for sure is that you don't need a "self-publishing company." You, yourself, are the publisher and you can administer the entire process on your own, but you have to do your homework first and decide if this path is right for you. It's a lot of work. You may want to contact a traditional publisher instead.

Dlite.com appears to be a website about magic tricks. Did you list the correct address?

Oh , Sorry it's : Dlitepress.com
Your words made ​​me very enthusiastic, and all of this will be completed in the near future, God willing.
Again , thank you :)


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