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New Release - America's Privateer: Lynx and the War of 1812

“America’s Privateer: LYNX and the War of 1812” tells the story of a ship with two lives that sailed in two different centuries. The idea for the first privateer Lynx came from the mind of Thomas Kemp, a shipwright from Fells Point, Maryland. Kemp’s Lynx was launched in 1812 and soon after was commissioned by President James Madison to fight alongside the American Navy in the War of 1812. Madison’s “Letter of Marque” gave the privateer a sudden legitimacy and patriotic purpose.

By the time of the War of 1812, the American Navy, having only a handful of ships in its flotilla, relied on privateers to protect the coast and to engage the British on the high seas. Manned by volunteer sailors, these privateers stood against the mightiest navy in the world—and made history.
What distinguished Lynx and other Baltimore clippers from ships of that era was their sleek design and speed. These vessels awed all who came in contact with them.

Now, 200 years later, privateer Lynx is re-born, representing the spirit of all those sleek vessels of the nation's "first defense of freedom."

Author J. Dennis Robinson shows in detail how this historic vessel has been brought back to life and how it changed the lives of all who were involved in her creation: designers, shipwrights, crews and the tens of thousands of sailors, students and visitors who trod her decks and set her sails.

Mr. Robinson tells the tale of Lynx, past and present, and frames both within the history of the War of 1812. A respected historian and literary stylist, Mr. Robinson has written an informative and moving “sea yarn” for a contemporary audience. This engaging story, accompanied by over 190 photographs, maps, and paintings, is for every reader, sailor and landlubber alike.

Hardbound, 184 pages, 9 x 11", $34.95

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