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Written By: Omar Sabree

Omar Sabree was born and raised in the city of Norfolk Virginia to father Elzie Lee Simms and mother Mary Ann Pittman. His mother Mary raised him as a single parent and named him at birth, Julius Cornell Pittman. He was known affectionately as "Block" or by his middle name Cornell. The name Omar Abubakir Sabree was partially chosen and partially bestowed upon him after accepting Islamism as his faith, and Islam as his religion.

Omar attended Diggs Park Elementary, Campostella Jr. High, and Granby High Schools. After which he enlisted in the Navy and later went on to become a Merchant Seaman. In October of 1980, Omar married his childhood sweetheart. She was affectionately known as Brenda from the Diggs Park projects. After also accepting Islam, Brenda became Khadijah Foye Sabree.

Omar was arrested and incarcerated on February 9, 1981, charged with murder, abduction, burglary and robbery. He was convicted and sentenced to life plus seventy years on April 13, 1982. From that day on, Omar decided to record some of the events that were about to take place in his life. "500 Spring Street" was the address of the Virginia State Penitentiary in Richmond. What follows behind this title are the prison journals of Omar Sabree.

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