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How You Can Benefit as a Sponsoring Organization

SPANpro is a paid-membership organization. Our new programs offer significant opportunities for you to reach a growing number of independent publishers and authors who seek innovative marketing services, education programs and information for selling more of their books, more profitably. We have begun intensive membership telemarketing and email drives with a goal of doubling SPANpro membership this year.


We also offer significant opportunities for promotion through the SPANnet Online Community. Membership in SPANnet is free and currently has almost 3,500 registered members. Approximately 15 are added each week.


We at SPAN are committed to providing effective exposure to you. And we see our relationship as being mutually supportive where you promote SPAN to your clients. There is a special offer for them listed below.


Here are some of the ways in which you will benefit from becoming sponsoring organization.


Website Based Benefits

  • A branded landing page (on your topic) with tips, links to appropriate webinars, articles, etc
  • A listing on the Sponsoring Member Page on SPANnet with your company description, contact information, and a link to your Web site
  • SPAN logo for your website as a sign of support
  • 10% discount on advertising on the SPAN website. This discount represents an appreciable savings for you over a year’s time. You can receive constant exposure and name recognition among prospective clients. This discount allows you to get repetition at affordable prices.

Communication with SPAN Members

  • Host and participate in a webinar on your topic
  • Included in four of the weekly emails to SPAN Partner organizations
  • Lead an “Open Mic” night on your topic
  • Participate in semi-annual Partner Retreats via telephone
  • One monthly email blast to all 3500 members
  • Exposure as a Sponsor of the Month


Growth opportunities for your business

  • Two free SPANpro memberships for your employees
  • Listed as a Production Team member (Editing Þ Design Þ Print Þ Distribution Þ Publicity Þ Sales)
  • Included in the Author Empowerment program
  • Discount on exhibiting at our annual conference
  • Discount for your clients to list a book(s) in the Premium Book Company’s special-sales programs
  • We will drive people to sponsors who in turn offer them a 50% SPAN membership ($45) or two years for $89
  • Offer your existing clients a 50% SPAN membership ($45) or two years for $89


Contact Brian Jud at or 860 675-1344 for more information

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