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Houston and South Texas

The Houston and South Texas Chapter

of the

  Association of Publishers

for Special Sales

President: Art "Earnie" Banzhof (admin@banmex.com)

Earnie is an accomplished publishing executive with a proven track record of creating systems and processes to enable writers to self publish and market their own works. He is one of the early adopters of the Print on Demand process pioneered in the late 1990's. He built and marketed the website to recruit authors to We-Publish.com... Developed all aspects of the company operation, including manuscript submissions, publishing services - editing - cover design & book marketing.

Earnie has a well rounded background in all phases of the Self Publishing business.

• Marketing Self Published Books
• Kindle Book Publishing & Marketing
• Publishing Printed Books
• Book Cover Designs
• Editing
• Author's Web Pages

Vice President: Ben Jorgensen


Ben M. Jorgensen has a background of sales and marketing in the environmental remediation and construction industries.  He is a family man with four home-schooled children ages 10 through 17.   He started Supernatural Christian Books (SCB) in 2013 for the purpose of publishing a religious biography called “Supernatural – The Life of William Branham”.  The book had previously sold about 50,000 copies through a now defunct church publishing outlet and has sold almost 20,000 through SCB.  Now, SCB is working to re-print the biographies and to produce two new titles in the year 2017 and to expand distribution of these titles through the principals inculcated through APSS.  

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