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Community Guidelines

At the core of these policies is the idea that SPAN is a place for listening and learning as much is as it is a place for sharing. To that end, please pay special attention to our Promotion Guidelines and Critique Guidelines.

Simply put,
• Speak your mind
• Share your work
• Make it relevant
• Get people interested in your book intellectually, not through hype.
• Use attribution when quoting another's work.
• Use a clear concise introductory sentence
• Show respect in your post
• Speak within your boundary of knowledge
• Use friendly words
• Share constructive criticism, when it seems helpful
• Share advice and beta
• Reread your post or entry to double check for quality spelling and grammar

• Speak outside of your expertise
• Post contextually redundant content
• Post libelous content
• Post pornography or other illicit material
• Use obscene, derogatory, or sexual language
• Violate copyright law

Promotion Guidelines

Be aware that we encourage critique of all promotional material posted outside of the Member Showcase.

•If you are going to post to your blog, please post the entire article. If you post just a link (this excludes status updates), or a “shallow” post with “limited content value” then it can very much  hurt SPAN’s Google ranking.

•If you do post a “shallow” article, we reserve the right to delete it.

•Status updates are fair game when it comes to content. You can post anything within our community guidelines, as long as you know that it could be critiqued.

• Promotional copy, links to your website, or news releases can go on your member page, on your blog, or in the Member Showcase discussion forum, but please be aware that your work is open to critique, unless it is posted in the Member Showcase.

• Promote yourself by being of service to your fellow community members.

• Promoting when your service is free AND industry related is OK.

• Excessive, disruptive, or off-topic cross-posting within SPANnet will lead to those post or comments being deleted.

• Promoting with the intention of receiving constructive criticism on marketing, package, or Web site is OK.

• If you want to share a link, include information describing why it is relevant within the context of these guidelines.

• Links must be presented in a straight forward and honest manner. Misleading links will be deleted.

• While SPAN encourages business networking, we discourage expansive direct solicitations across multiple member's walls. Promotional, or business, requests can be posted to your blog, or Member Showcase, in accordance with these guidelines.

• If a service is requested that you can provide, you must still stay within the intent of these Promotional Guidelines when soliciting a response.
• Get rich quick schemes are not allowed at all.

• Obvious and blatant SPAMMING will result in your account being banned.


Critique Guidelines – Please read them carefully.

• Focus your critique by answering the question, “I like/dislike this because…”

• The tone of the critique needs to be supportive and professional.

• A Critique does not have to be positive, but it does need to be supportive. If this is difficult for you, try writing “I like/dislike this post because…” or “This works/doesn’t work because…”

• A critique is not just saying “I agree/disagree,” it is elaborating in as supportive a fashion as possible, to help strengthen the recipients future work.

• Critiques should be realistic. Consider ways that the current content can be improved without them scrapping all of their current effort.

• Unsupportive critiques will be deleted.

• Posts that flame, are hateful, or that are deemed overtly egoistic will be deleted without warning at our discretion.

• If you would like to post marketing material to SPANnet, but do not want it critiqued, please post it in the Member Showcase.


You need to be a member of APSS - Association of Publishers for Special Sales to add comments!

Comment by don love on August 21, 2012 at 8:09pm

I am totally new to this but certainly looking forward to growing with everyone. What motivated me was writing an ebook called "Divorce Blues Recovery" I had been a counselor for over 35 years and wanted to write a book with a little different perspective that you can actually become a better person after a divorce no matter how difficult. There are several tips in fact the book is free tomorrow on Kindle I would appreciate any feedback and reviews 

Looking forward to getting to know everyone.


Comment by Roy Nolan Shepherd on July 4, 2011 at 6:52pm
I just had my first book published and boy what a lesson learned. For anyone making their first run at it let me just tell you this much: NEVER assume anything. No one is going to be as excited as you about getting your book in print and out there. Be realistic about your expectations, remember, audience-audience-audience, think about your marketing strategy before you set the words "Once upon a time," in print. Anything I can say that may help you, I will try as best I can.
Comment by Bradley Flora on March 5, 2011 at 1:48am



Getting a book into the American classic section could certainly be considered a fair aspiration of almost every American publisher and author.  The best way to go about it, in a traditional fashion, is to invest your time in finding the right agent, and then invest your time in learning how to correctly approach the agents that you think would work best for you, both for your genre and your personality.


The best way to approach an agent is probably with a concise query letter. In that regard, I recommend checking out:


In regard to finding an agent, as an example I'd recommend:



If that doesn't work out for you, I recommend you consider sharing your work here on SPANnet, in our member showcase:


No matter what path you choose, good luck!

Comment by bl woolsey on February 25, 2011 at 3:32pm

How can I find a real literary agent with leverage on the market? Someone that can get our foot in the door and onto publication road? Bring me web someone to get my books into the public eye and onto the American classics section.



bl woolsey

Comment by Annelise Lords on October 28, 2010 at 8:56am
I agree, respect and accept your rules and act accordingly. I am seeriously thinking of self publishing my book and is ahoping around for the best deals. I want my books to be well made on the most durable paper and bound strongly. I need infor on everything i can get on self publishing. Cover design. How the books are made.
Comment by Restoration Books & Publishing on October 16, 2010 at 10:18am
I am grateful for finding this site. I am here to help and to share nothing more. I love God and He is number one. In respecting God I must respect all no matter what our differences may be. You are welcome to talk with me. I have recently published and book and decided to open my own publishing company called Restoration Books & Publishing. I am here to gain more knowledge about what I am doing and to help where it is needed.

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