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I would like to know who I can get to critique a work in progress, and get input on if changes need to be made or whatever could be added to the work in progress.  Anyone know where or who I can contact?

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There are services who will do that for a fee--I have done it--and there are always local writers' groups where you can get free input from the other members.


Are you looking for free input, or for professional for-a fee critiquing?

Thank you for responding.  I just want some input free is a good start.  I just want to know if I am on the right track or if I need some changes and so forth.
Then my best suggestion is to join a local writers' group and submit your manuscript to them for critique.  Of course, you'll probably have to do it a chapter at a time, and probably not at every meeting.  But that is the best advice I can give you for free input.
I can not tell you how valuable the feedback has been from my writer's group.   The trick is to find the right group.  Our group is small, and our trust of each other is unquestionable.  This makes the feedback honest.  The criticism is tough, but is given with the intent to help, so is greatly appreciated.  We have several completely different genres represented, which also makes things interesting.  Plus, we have a lot of fun.  We comment on both good and bad, make suggestions, and generally support each other.
I am looking for a writers group.  I am taking that advise seriously and hope to find a group like you have Steve.  Thanks for the input.



I know it can be difficult.  I started the first writers' group in my area about six years ago, and as far as I know it is still the only one within easy driving distance.  If you cannot find a local writers' group where you can attend regularly, you might check out the online writers' groups.  I don't know the genre of your WIP, but there are groups online where people offer each other honest critiques.  For example, if you are writing crime fiction, the Sisters In Crime organization has a group called GUPPIES  (it stands for the Great UnPublished), where the members often critique one another's work.




Thanks, I have been looking online.  I will check out the GUPPIES, because it is crime fiction.  Thanks again.


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