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Do you want to take your books mobile? SPAN member Unlimited Publishing, LLC is offering to make your book available to smart phones with no upfront fees and a 35% payout on sales.


After uploading the Word, HTML, or PDF file of your manuscript, your book will be converted to a stand-alone application for smartphones.  The app will have the ability to search contents, enlarge type size, insert notes, read at night with backlighting, and many other useful features.


For more information, go to: http://www.unlimitedpublishing.com/span/

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I am a new publisher, and I just signed up with Smashwords to get distribution in the Apple ibookstore for ipad, iphone, etc.  Smashwords also distributes to Sony ereader, Nook, and Kobo. 


What is the protocol for distributing in multiple places?If I enter the Apple istore one way, can I also enter it other ways?  Is multiple distribution a good thing or a bad thing?


At this point, you should assume that Smashwords will meet your needs as a publisher, and actually place your book in the iBookstore as per your expectations.



If the assumption about Smashwords holds accurate, then you do not need to search for other methods for entering the Apple iBookstore.



With that in mind, the only reason to put your energy into finding additional distribution channels would be to find new markets or new ways and/or better ways to sell your book to your target demographic.


In other words, the more distribution channels you have, not necessarily the better. Smashwords should provide you with


If you have any additional questions,

I  recommend the experts in our Distribution Truths group: http://www.spannet.org/group/distribution 


For more information about the Apple iBookstore, visit: http://www.spannet.org/how_do_I_get_my_book_into_the_Apple_iBooksto...


To learn more about the evolving relationship between ebooks file formats and ISBN's:http://www.spannet.org/group/digitalproducts/forum/topics/internati...


And finally, check out and ask questions in the Online Marketing group, for strategies on boosting sales of your ebook through these online channels that Smashwords is helping you to acquire.






bradley flora



Thank you.


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