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Book Selling University is open! Free, online, on-demand book-marketing courses. Book Selling University can help self-published authors and independent publishers sell more of their books to potential buyers, more profitably. See it at Also see How Authors Can Get Speaking Gigs (Part One) by Scott Lorenz. All Sales Informer newsletters continue with more tips for finding potential non-bookstore buyers, making sales presentations and negotiating large-quantity, non-returnable sales. Top Ten lists on a variety of topics give you information, ideas and actions for building your sales, revenue and profits as your business grows. Guest columnists add their expert knowledge on a variety of subjects. You will be introduced to a supplier recommended by APSS -- printers, editors, publishers and more that you may hire with complete confidence that you will be treated fairly and ethically. In “What’s the Big Idea” you will see humorous yet thought-proving ways to grow your sales.

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