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Ten Steps to Greater Sales and Profits -- New APSS Program with a step-by-step path to greater sales


Many people dream of selling their books in large, non-returnable quantities, but most never do. They get mired in doubt, confused about how to proceed, and totally overwhelmed by the complexities of the process. To rectify that situation APSS has developed a step-by-step process that helps you get started and keep moving toward large, profitable sales.


  • For non-fiction, fiction, children's books, cook books, or any genre. The tools in this program will lead you through a process that can help you sell more books to non-bookstore buyers.


  • You will find much of the information will help you increase your sales through bookstores, too.


  • The instructions in this kit provide you everything you need to reach the enormous opportunity for greater sales: where to find prospective buyers, how to contact them and how to make large, profitable sales.


  • This program gives you instructions, examples, forms and the details you need to implement a complete sales campaign.


  • The steps can be duplicated, refined and customized to your level of skills, time and desire.


This package will give you everything you need to begin your journey to more sales and profits. It may be purchased one step at a time or all at one time. The automated step-by-step timeline will help you pace yourself in either case.


For more details of the information you will receive and the pricing for different options may be found at For more information contact

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