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APSS Book Selling University is coming near you. Last year APSS began organizing an international network of local chapters to bring information about non-bookstore marketing to authors and publishers around the world. We now have 14 active chapters in the United States and two international chapters. Our objective is to offer members the benefits of a national organization with the opportunity for local networking, camaraderie and speakers. Here are some upcoming local meetings that can help you sell more books more profitably:


Feb 21: APSS-Orange County launched their chapter with its first meeting


Feb 21 – 27: APSS-Canada sponsored Freedom to Read Week.


Feb 23: APSS-CT held its quarterly in-person meeting with a Sales Training Day featuring speaker and professional salesman Guy Achtzehn


March 8: In-person launch of APSS-New Jersey at Seton Hall University with a brainstorming session to give attendees ideas for where and how to sell their books. RSVP to to receive building, room and parking info.


April 1 – 2: APSS-Canada is holding its first Book Selling Extravaganza in Toronto (Contact Monica Palmer at for information)


April 1: APSS-Canada introduces the 2016 Publishing Achievement Award competition in Toronto


April 15 – 16: APSS Nebraska is holding its first Book Selling University (Contact Lisa Pelto at for information)


April 29 – 30: APSS-New Jersey is launching with a two-day Book Selling University ( for information)


May 14: APSS-Chicago will hold a joint one-day Book Selling University with Chicago Women in Publishing (CWIP), the Saturday after BEA. More information to come


APSS-Atlanta (Dave Savage at and APSS-Santa Clarita (Willa Robinson at both hold regular monthly meetings. Willa’s 2015 Book Selling University was a huge success and we will duplicate that later in the year.


APSS-Santa Fe (Mary Neighbor at is planning the launch of her chapter with a Book Selling University event to be announced soon. 


More information to come about similar events for APSS-MidAtlantic, APSS-Central Florida, APSS-Nashville, APSS-Grand Rapids, APS-West Texas  and APSS-Phoenix


Our most recent chapter is APSS-Nigeria with Awele Illusanmi  (  in charge is working on organizing her chapter. She is attending the APSS-Canada  event as part of her orientation


Please get involved with an APSS Chapter near you. If you would like to start a local chapter, contact Brian Jud at

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