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Sell More Books through Better Metadata, Part 1


You can use your metadata to sell more books. It's a proven fact that when buyers get the full story about your book, they are more likely to buy a copy or 100.


This post begins a multi-part series on how to use BowkerLink to increase your book sales. Using BowkerLink is free. All it takes is your time. 


Every publishing company can update their metadata, information attached to a specific ISBN and title, through BowkerLink (bowkerlink.com).


To get you up to speed on BowkerLink, read these two short Web resources:


BowkerLink "Product Description"


"Quick Start Guide" PDF


More later.

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Hi Scott,

Yes, metadata is so important. Probably the most important yet the least sexy of any book discovery technique. Yet really, so simple. And so tedious. Worth doing. Wrote a whole article about it last October for my PBS column. Probably the least hit of any of my self-publishing pieces, which is too bad, because... can I say again how important it is?





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