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This best practices post is a component of the PIP Program which is being developed with the intention of combating any mainstream stigma associated with self, or independent, publishing that exists in the market place.


We have created this post to gather input on criteria associated with this topic and its place within the PIP certification process.


We would like to encourage you to contribute your opinion, advice, and expertise on this subject, as a way to help the independent publishing community establish a qualitative process of evalutation for the PIP Program.


If you are interested in contributing to other topics associated with independent publishing, please visit the PIP index and do not hesitate to participate by contributing to those topics that are of interest to you:http://www.spannet.org/page/pip-input-criteria


To learn more and to read, or critique, the current PIP statement of purpose, visit: http://www.spannet.org/group/PIPcertification/forum/topics/pip-stat...

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In a separate post regarding the roles of a marketing planner vs. a publicists, Marketing Pro, Carol White, identified the following which overview the Marketing Plan process:

* Who is the target market? How large is it? How easy is it to reach?

* Is the product produced appropriately for the market? Is the language the right level? Are the graphics appropriate, Is it well-edited?

* What is the competition? How does this book stack up against the competition?

* What is the unique "hook" that this project brings? How does it fit in with the competition?

* Is the book priced correctly for the market? Can it be distributed at that price and make money?

* How should the product be distributed to meet the authors/publishers goals? What has to be done to get it distributed to the correct channels?

* How do each of the appropriate channels fit into the overall sales mix? Does that mix create profits?

* And lastly, how should this product be promoted? What mix of publicity and/or advertising will be needed to meet the sales goals?

* Does the author have the funds to meet those goals? If not, what can be done to modify the sales goals and/or increase exposure within the budget?

* Which methods is the publisher/author willing to employ to sell the book? Live presentations? Internet? Print? Broadcast? Everyone has their own time, financial and personal constraints that expand or limit what they are willing and can do.

I decided to cross post them here to capture this great overview. Thanks to Carol White!

In this post on SPANnet, Sue Collier of  http://selfpublishingresources.com says:

"It’s never too early to think about promoting your book and building your author platform."

This is excellent marketing advice, and should be considered a marketing plan best practice. When a book is published, if the author wants it to sell, than the author platform and marketing plan should already be well established and ready to implement. 

For a self-published author, this may mean that the preparation of the marketing plan, and the author platform, should be occurring at the same time as when the book is being written. 


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