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With the depth of information that we are collecting through the PIP Criteria Input process, I decided to create one more discussion thread that would be a specific place to catalog the actual PIP criteria that we think should be used, as well as how it would be incorporated into a evaluative process within the PIP program.


This discussion thread can reference PIP Best Practices and should be the gathering place for specific criteria or thoughts in regard to the actual evaluation of a Publisher for Certification.


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In this comment in the Online Discussion Best Practices:




I write about an Authors Facebook Fanpage and question how relevant a benchmark for Social media footprints would really be for the PIP certification. Specifically, if an author has 1,000 fans, they're more marketable, which should add value to their saleability as an author.

Conversely, if an author is just getting into the social media landscape, or has failed to achieve a medium-large fanbase, that doesn't mean that their book is bad, it just means they don't have a point in their favor when it comes to online marketing.


And I started thinking about it and realized that it could work if the PIP certification was based around achieving a certain number of points, and if within that points scale different factors had different values. Which would mean that their could be multiple ways to achieve a PIP Certification, making it more flexible for today's wide ranging economic ecosystems.



So in the online marketing criteria, an Author/Publisher could get 3 points if they have 2,000+ fans/followers/subscribers, 2 points if they have 500-2,000 fans/followers/subscriptions, and 1 point if they have a Facebook fan page or Twitter Feed or Rss Subscription channel at all.


These points would add be added to a subtotal, along with other categories (like Marketing Platform, Collateral Materials, Marketing Plan, etc), for Marketing Criteria Evaluation. This Subtotal could be added up with other Subtotals for categories like Exterior Presentation, Interior Design, Editing, Grammar, Readability, Etc.


If the total number of points added up for all the categories is above a specific number, the benchmark, the publisher qualifies for the PIP certification.





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